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Be our somebody

Be our somebody

At Sparks, we’re looking for somebody. Now that might sound vague, a little hazy. So here’s the opportunity.


Sparks is growing. And we need somebody to help us with this growth. Someone organised, with bags of initiative. Someone good with people, comfortable taking responsibility, comfortable directing others.

Take everything a branding and design agency does. Cut out the creative work for clients. And what’s left? A lot of important work – work that we’d like our somebody to drive.

This includes, but isn’t limited to:

Business development
researching new clients, thinking about opportunities, preparing case studies and presentations, pitching, and more.

Looking after clients
from attending initial meetings to managing a client’s ongoing relationship with Sparks.

Keeping projects on track 
creating budgets and timelines, ensuring deadlines are met. 

Project support 
from arranging meetings and taking notes to running online surveys, and analysing the results.

Managing the studio
doing what it takes to make Sparks hum.

So let’s make this personal. You’re not a designer, or a writer, and definitely not a salesperson. But you are good with words, appreciate good design, and can help Sparks win new clients. 

You like the sound of the work, and the idea of joining us in Shoreditch – full–time, part–time, term–time, however.

You might be senior, or junior, or somewhere in between. We’re not bothered about that. This is about your mindset and ability, not time served or titles held. We want to shape the role around the somebody, rather than squeeze our somebody into a corset.


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