Why It Matters

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Why It Matters
Why It Matters

Why It Matters #11

– A brand identity for a new fund
– The latest member of our team
– Why celebrating experience matters


Why It Matters #10

– The Wedding Present Co. gets an upmarket refresh.
– Why we should stop second guessing the future.
– Lesley Everett on how people define company culture


Why it Matters #09

– Annual reviews – yawn… Not this time.
– Balancing brand and sales with Mark Rockliffe.
– The benefits of a family business brand.


Why It Matters #08

– Staying relevant in a rapidly changing world
– Reflections on the value of rebrand with Countrywide Healthcare
– A playful refresh to an unconventional financial brand
– An offer of help


Why It Matters #07

– How we helped an IT firm to express their hidden strength
– Some inspiration from the Arts & Crafts movement
– Exchanging notes with global innovation leader Jeremy Basset
– An offer of help

Why It Matters #06

– A time to refocus?

Why It matters #05

– A discreet rebrand
– An interview with a head of corporate marketing
– A guide to naming

Why It Matters #04

– A surprisingly positive take on complexity
– A seasonal stocking filler
– Some not–to–be–missed cultural delights

Why It Matters #03 

– A surefire way to kill your brand (and how to avoid it)
– A Sparks client that talks about religion without sounding preachy
– A much needed facelift for one of finance software’s big hitters


Why It Matters #02

– A Sparks client with a different take on business leadership
– Our take on how to combat the fear of change
– A financial report that’s actually interesting
– Some cultural highlights that are worth a look


Why It Matters #01

– Behind every product, a story.
– Who’s telling your brand story?