The start of something new

Wedding Presents Direct is a wedding gift list service established in 1994. Recognising that weddings were in decline they came to Sparks with questions about their brand and name. They wanted a new look, but were unsure of the direction.

The Wedding Present Co. - The start of something new
The Wedding Present Co. - The start of something new


The start of something new

With traditional marriages at an all–time low in the UK Wedding Presents Direct recognised that their market was shrinking and their audience was changing. And with average UK wedding costing an average of £32,000 they knew they could be much more focused on the value of their offer.

But what did their existing audience really value about them? And what would new customers value most? It made sense to ask them. So we commissioned a survey that would provide a sense of how Wedding Presents Direct was being perceived by existing customers and complete strangers.

The survey showed that their visual brand and name were no longer connecting well to their audience. They needed to refocus their brand foundation and create a brand that would establish a new emphasis in what they offer. A new essence built on what they do best which would reconnect them to their audience.


A personal service

We worked with the company directors to understand what makes their wedding list service distinct from other providers. Themes emerged. They’re boutique. They’re experts, full of experience. Their service is flexible and free. Their showroom is tied to the client’s experience. We focused on three possible positioning statements, but all agreed it came down to one word, “yours.” Wedding Presents Direct is devoted, thoughtful and flexible. It’s “curated for you.”

With the brand foundation established, our next challenge was the name. The survey showed 83% of people either disliked or felt indifferent towards it. Worse, they associated the word “direct” with cheap, or impersonal. The exact opposite of what Wedding Presents Direct is about. We looked for something descriptive, yet classy. After exploring many options we settled on “The Wedding Present Co.” A small change, a big impact.


Formal, friendly and flexible

To start we ran a visual workshop. We looked at lots of brands that conveyed similar values. Devoted. Thoughtful. Flexible. We explored visuals related to “presents” and “wedding.” We got a sense of what the team liked and disliked, but more importantly, what represents their character best. Then we got to work on the designs, exploring visual directions. The core of the visual identity is a word mark which combines elegant serif typography with handwritten elements to reflect the personal nature of the service. The word mark can be personalised with the couples first names and date of their wedding – truly “yours.” A new name. A new visual brand. Their focus, clearly communicated.


Tailored and Thoughtful

A large part of the rollout was the design and development of a new website. The aim is to reflect the personal service received in the showroom. Couples work with a consultant to start their list, and later finish it at home – the functional experience needed to be as good. With over 16,000 products and administration tools to create and facilitate lists, the website guides the couple and their guests through the process in a logical, clear way. 

We designed the front end to have an open and relaxed layout. Using large lifestyle images of their showroom, clear typography and watchable videos explaining the details and benefits of the service. A blog page connects users with stories of high profile marriages, top trends, and inspiration for anyone planning a wedding or looking for the perfect gift. 

See the new website here

We applied the new visual identity to their brochure, developing a minimal magazine layout to enhance the sense of a calm, stress–free experience. Branded shopping bags, delivery boxes, thank you notes and candles now each reflect the essence of The Wedding Present Co.


Illustrations were developed to reinforce the personal and bespoke nature of the business.


  • There are no words to justify how grateful we are for all your hard work on this project. It was a huge project and you took it on with grace, patience and ambition. We are so pleased with the final result, it’s everything we could have hoped for and more.

    Georgie Evans, Web and Marketing Manager
  • Sparks' main strengths are that they listened to what we had to say and understand what we needed. They really got our offering and why we do what we do. The new branding is a reflection of this. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the website and the branding has been really well received.

    Jim Dundas, Founder