Sparks Studio

Words and design
that make your business stronger


Doing something new?
Or need to do something better?

We create new brands. And we revamp established brands.

Call it what you like – brand consultancy, brand strategy, brand identity, brand review.

Our role is to identify and express what’s distinctive about your organisation.

Our process

  • Review the brand proposition
  • Define the brand foundation
  • Design the visual brand
  • Create the marketing materials

Our work here includes naming and renaming.

And, often, encouraging clients not to change their name.


Think Nike. Or Coca Cola.
Or the London Underground.

Design shapes the way people think and feel about brands.

At Sparks, we design logos and visual identities. We design for digital and the web, for print and packaging.


It’s easy to rock up at a pitch with pre–cooked ideas. But that’s not a recipe for great design.

Our approach is first to listen, then understand, then to begin our design work.


Start with the user, and all else will follow.

That’s the first of Google’s company principles. And it’s a good summary of our approach to website design and creation.

We cover the A to Z of websites. From creating bold memorable headlines to the details of contact form design. From structuring and site maps to optimising for good search engine results.

Art and science

Our work involves designing, structuring and building websites for companies of all sizes.

We always start with the user – understanding who they are and what they want to achieve. We also analyse the data, to see what users are actually doing, so that we can help you get better results.


Most printed marketing goes straight in the bin.

But some items are kept, stored, shared, even treasured.

We design standout physical work in print.

Create or revamp

It could be a striking new magazine or annual review. Stationery and business cards. Materials to launch a new service or initiative. Or help engaging your audience with a dry or complex topic.

Sparks can help you revamp existing materials, or to do something new, to create an impact.

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