Shining out of the shadows

A new café and meeting place, cultivating community.

Beyond the Grounds - Shining out of the shadows
Beyond the Grounds - Shining out of the shadows


Beyond the Grounds is an independent café and meeting place, on the High Street in Tonbridge, Kent.

Sparks’ role included brand naming and positioning and creating the café’s visual identity. We also established brand guidelines that work across a wide range of merchandise and signage.

The visual identity is warm and welcoming and, on a crowded High Street, clearly signals Beyond the Grounds is a café. The logo also plays on the café’s location, in the shadows of Tonbridge Castle.


“Sparks have not only guided and inspired our journey towards the development of a strong and distinct brand, they also encouraged and challenged our thinking, enabling us to further shape the vision and identity of our business.

As we move from concept to operational reality, we look forward to continuing our relationship with Sparks. As trusted experts we’re confident they will give us the marketing tools we need to drive to deliver business success.”

Jennie Kenny, Founder