An overwhelmingly positive reception

Using design to bring content to life and engage new readers for a charity’s publications.

OMF - An overwhelmingly positive reception
OMF - An overwhelmingly positive reception


OMF international’s supporters’ magazine, Billions, is their most prominent publication, with a circulation of over 13,000 copies.

We were commissioned to completely redesign the magazine, without losing its historic links or the cultural heritage associated with the Far East.

We introduced a new typeface that hints at OMF’s legacy, which works in contrast to a modern grid layout.

To help the reader navigate between articles, we designed a series of icons loosely based around 人, the Chinese character for people, to segment the content of the magazine.

Bold illustrations provide variety from the usual reportage photography.


  • My 16 year old daughter who’s not interested in church noticed your magazine, flicked through it and said it looked fantastic. It’s interesting that appealing design can encourage positive views of the contents.

    Reader testimonial
  • Our redesigned Billions magazine has received an overwhelmingly positive reception, across the breadth of our supporter base. The new design has opened up the content and encouraged new people to read it.

    Tony Waghorn , Communications Manager, OMF UK